What type of educational institution did you/your child attend(s)?
Which of the following categories best describes you?
Do you know, according to the constitution of Pakistan, the state is responsible to provide free and compulsory education to every child of age 5 to 16 years?
Do you know the budget expenditure of your/your child’s school?
In your opinion, what are the benefits of getting an education?
Is the current education system delivering the aforementioned benefits?
In your opinion, which of the following require the most attention in the current education system? (Select All that Apply)
In your opinion, which of the following are the major factors responsible for low enrollment/high drop-out rate among girls?
What is your/your parents’ monthly expenditure on education?
Do you have discussions with the school teachers regarding your/your child’s education?
Does your/your child’s school hold regular sport events or any other co-curricular activities during the academic year?
Does your/your child’s school have the following basic provisions? (Select all that apply)
Do you think your/your child’s school ensures adequate security?
Which issues did you keep in consideration while casting your vote? (Select all that apply)
Have you/your parents ever spoken to your district’s administration or local government representatives about issues/suggestions regarding education?
Does your/your child’s school have adequate facilities for children with disabilities?
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