Pakistan Coalition for Education (PCE) was formed in 2005 to provide a platform for civil society through which they can address key issues on policy advocacy and bridge the gap between policy makers and the civil society. The organization was formed for the development and implementation of policy in the context of free and quality education for all. PCE is legally registered as the Society for Access to Quality Education (SAQE) in 2010. It is a staunch supporter of evidence-based policy advocacy, community awareness and mobilization.


Education for all children and youth in Pakistan, which nurtures them to become critical thinkers and conscientious citizens; promoting harmony, democracy and justice.

Mission Statement

Our mission agenda:

  • Achieve PCE’s vision by influencing policy at all levels, and with all stakeholders at the district, provincial, and federal level, and with non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations, and donors;
  • Undertake research-based advocacy;
  • Focused initiatives on capacity building, especially in the areas of human resources and organizational processes;
  • Effectively utilize networking and collaboration among members and stakeholders.

Focus areas

While PCE advocates for free and compulsory education, it focuses a majority of its advocacy work on the following thematic areas:

  • Implementation of Right to Education (RTE): PCE advocates for the enforcement of Article 25 A, the Right to Education, within the constitution that obligates the state to provide free and compulsory education to children age 5-16 years.
  • Financing for Education: PCE addresses the theme of education financing and advocates for an increase in the education budget to 4% of the GDP (it currently stands at around 2%).
  • Girls’ Education: Girls’ education in Pakistan remains dismal, and as a result of this, female literacy, retention and learning outcomes for females in schools remain weak. PCE advocates for increased prioritization of female education in Pakistan, focusing on access to quality education.
  • Educational Governance: PCE advocates for effective engagement of civil society and service providers through regular interaction, improved educational provision as well as to empower civil society at all levels (tehsil, district, provincial) to hold state functionaries and education service providers accountable.
  • National Integration: PCE is currently working towards linking national policies with international commitments, focusing particularly on 2030 Education Agenda. It has been engaging with relevant ministries and departments to take an active role in disseminating information and engaging policy makers in the development of national policies that are in harmony with international treaties and commitments.

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